About Us

Hi! Thank you for visiting Good Luck, Have Fun Clothing.

I'm Chris "Vhem" Hunt, Founder and avid video gamer. I grew up being immersed in the stories and adventures of video games. From my early days on the original 'Legend of Zelda', to today playing 'PUBG', 'World of Warcraft', 'League of Legends', and 'MK11', these adventures, stories and experiences shaped my life.

The biggest impact has been the social aspect of gaming, sharing these experiences with friends old and new. I founded Good Luck, Have Fun Clothing as a small expression of my passion for video game culture and love of being comfortable. Our products are made with American Apparel, which truly gives great comfort while you game.

Thank you again for checking us out! I know our products will bring you excellence in game and IRL.

- Vhem